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What We Do

We are a nimble organization with a rigid focus on our core strengths: alpha generation, technology innovation, risk management, and market enhancement. We're a company with extensive experience and exceptional expertise in the global derivatives market.


We pride ourselves on technology innovation. We maintain and continuously improve a world-class proprietary trading platform comprised of cutting-edge execution, visualization, and analytical tools. We utilize our technology in the discovery and optimization of every aspect of the firm’s participation in the global markets.


Risk-taking is our business, and we do all that we can to support and empower all who are involved in the creation of alpha. We provide our developers, analysts, and traders with the resources and mentorship to realize their potential and goals.


More than ever, opportunities in today’s markets lay hidden in an endless sea of data. Success depends on the ability to analyze and manage all aspects of our business – from idea generation and backtesting to performance monitoring and visualization. Data science is a core component of our platform and a source of our competitive edge.

Risk management

Risk management has been a core competency and focus of the firm from the beginning. We have a team of professionals dedicated to risk monitoring and educating traders about best practices in risk management. It’s the cornerstone of our consistent success over the past 20 years.