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To provide the most innovative platform of people, process and technology in the relentless pursuit of global trading opportunities.


Empowering the pursuit of market opportunity.

Our Core Values

— Core Value —


We recognize that for us to succeed, everyone in the organization must be accountable and commit to acting with honor, trust, respect and professionalism. Historically, an individual’s raw trading talent was all that one needed to be successful on trading floors. Today, collaboration is vital to our success. Individuals, teams and departments must work together to succeed.

— Core Value —


One must be relentlessly dedicated to achieving their goals and have the grit to fight adversity and setbacks. We may occasionally face defeat and taste the dirt on the field, but we will not sit on the sidelines.

— Core Value —

Consistent Results

Our foundation is built upon consistent, frequent results. We make decisions based on rigorous analysis every minute, every hour and every day.

— Core Value —

Creativity & Innovation

We foster a safe environment that encourages endless examination and continuous improvement of tools, programs and solutions that creatively advance our efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of the organization.

— Core Value —

Personal Excellence

If it feels comfortable, we are probably not learning. To truly excel we must push ourselves and those around us to go beyond the limits of our own skills and knowledge.

— Core Value —

Disciplined Risk

We approach the markets with the utmost respect for the risk. We have mastered our skills, understand our capabilities and accept the risks involved with every potential reward.