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Who We Are

We are an entrepreneurial, collaborative organization that seeks to capitalize on opportunities in the financial market by partnering with individuals, teams, and organizations.

a history of success

Over the past 20 years, we have taken an entrepreneurial approach to be one of the best in the business. We look inside and outside the firm for opportunities to leverage our expertise. Guided by a management team with in-depth knowledge and experience in the derivatives industry, we have developed a proven track record of building and accelerating some of the industry’s most elite trading teams.


Geneva Trading is founded in Dublin, Ireland
In 1999, Geneva Trading was founded in Dublin, Ireland by Art Brereton and Thomas Freytag.
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Geneva Trading opens its Chicago office
In 2000, Geneva opened its office in Chicago in order to facilitate its expansion into other markets.
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Geneva becomes a significant liquidity provider to Eurex
As part of its growth strategy, Geneva began making markets on Eurex and becomes a significant participan...
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Geneva's trading footprint expands
By 2005, Geneva had achieved a diversified expansion into different markets, and our headcount grew as we...
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Energy expansion
Beginning in 2006, Geneva made a concerted effort to bring its expertise in the futures markets to the ne...
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Geneva forms oil trading operation
In 2008, Geneva further expanded its energy presence with a dedicated oil trading desk, providing substan...
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Geneva Trading expands its automated trading capabilities
In 2010, Geneva acquired market-making technology platform and principal trading firm Mercury Holdings Gr...
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Geneva broadens its technology array with innovative GX2 joint venture
GX2 Systems, LLC is a joint venture technology company. GX2 provides a guaranteed spread execution platfo...
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Geneva Trading Acquires Options Trading Platform, Expands Into Asia
Geneva acquired the options trading platform and intellectual property of Toji International, LLC, a firm...
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New and Improved Block Markets
Geneva relaunches an improved phone-brokered oil trading operation using advanced technology optimized wi...
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Geneva continues its entrepreneurial approach
Geneva is constantly searching for individuals, teams, and organization to leverage our business and tech...
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